15 MAY 2012 - Active Ageing. Bulgaria

Объявления о конкурсах карикатуры.

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15 MAY 2012 - Active Ageing. Bulgaria

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International cartoon contest
Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations
Ruse, Bulgaria

· European Information Centre Europe Direct Ruse
7000 Ruse, 4 Svoboda sq.
· Ruse Art Gallery
7000 Ruse, 39 Borisova str.

Terms and conditions

The aim of the contest is to have a look at Europe’s 2012 theme Active Ageing and Solidarity
between Generations through the creative insight and interpretation of professional and amateur
cartoon artists from all over the world.
2012 is the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations. A chance for all
of us to reflect on how Europeans are living longer and staying healthier than ever before — and
to realize the opportunities that represents.
Active ageing can give the baby-boom generation and tomorrow's older adults the opportunity to:
· stay in the workforce and share their experience
· keep playing an active role in society
· live as healthy and fulfilling lives as possible.
It is also key to maintaining solidarity between generations in societies with rapidly increasing numbers
of older people.
The challenge for politicians and stakeholders will be to improve opportunities for active ageing in general
and for living independently, acting in areas as diverse as employment, health care, social services, adult
learning, volunteering, housing, IT services or transport.

І. Cartoon;
Terms for participation:
1. The contest is open for professional and amateur cartoon artists over 18 years;
2. Each participant could send up to 3 works /originals/ in A4 or A3 format;
3. Cartoons could be either color or black and white;
4. Deadline for receiving works 15.05.2012 on the following address:
European Information Centre Europe Direct Ruse
4 Svoboda sq., p.b. 209
7000 Ruse
For Cartoon contest

5. Participants should send a short СV, as well as name and family name, titles of the works, postal address, e-mail address and telephone.
6. Jury:
· Ivaylo Tsvetkov – chairperson of FECO for Bulgaria, cartoon artist for newspaper Monitor, newspaper Telegraph and magazine Tema.
· Valentin Georgiev, cartoon artist, illustrator, artist;
· Elena Velikova, director Ruse Art Gallery;
· Representative of EIC Europe Direct Ruse;
· International cartoon artist.
7. Prizes:
І prize of the contest – plaque and diploma;
2 special prizes and diplomas ;
All awarded and selected works will be part of exhibition in Ruse Art Gallery and EIC Europe Direct. Cartoons will not be returned.
All cartoons will be included in collection of Europe Direct and will be included in travelling exhibition among Europe Direct Centers in
8. Postal costs for sending works are covered by participants. There is no fee for participation;
9. Selected and awarded authors will receive electronic catalogue - CD with exhibition.
10. Participation in this contest is considered as author’s agreement with present terms.
11. We wish success to all participants!

Opening of exhibition:
June 2012, 17.30 EET.
Ruse Art Gallery, Ruse, 39 Borisova str.

For all questions referring organization and terms of the contest you can write to: info@europedirect-ruse.eu to the Europe Direct Ruse
or to valyo1970art@yahoo.com Valentin Georgiev.
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