28 July 2017 - Davenport International Cartoon Contest, USA

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28 July 2017 - Davenport International Cartoon Contest, USA

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А.Ф.: организаторы резко увеличили призовой фонд, но сохранили плату за участие.
Последнее понятно: Silverton - маленький городок на Западе, там трудно найти спонсоров.

Davenport Cartoon Contest Re-Boot!

Once again, the Homer Davenport International Cartoon Contest returns to Silverton, Oregon.
After all, a festival that honors a famous Political Cartoonist seems almost naked without some
kind of competition focused on that endeavor. To that end, the International Cartoon Contest
has returned! As in past years, the competition is for “political” or “editorial” cartoons on any topic
as long as they are not libelous, slanderous, racist, sexist or salacious. We have substantially
increased the prize money award amounts. The new prizes will now be $750, $500, $300 and $200
respectively, with an entry fee of $25.

The work will be judged in three categories: Artistic skill, clearly implied message, and the Cartoon’s
over all appeal. All prizes will be determined by a blue ribbon panel of judges, with five non-cash
“Peoples Choice” awards determined by popular vote. Winners will be announced Sunday afternoon
at the festival, and announced online on the Web at the “Homer Page.” Entries will be prominently
displayed in Silverton during the Homer Davenport Community Festival, (August 4 through 6, 2017).
Deadline for submission is Friday, July 28, 2017.

Rules, Official entry forms and more details can be found on the Homer Page at:


Contact: Gus Frederick
E: gus@2020oregon.net
C: 503-779-9378
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