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31 December 2022- 14th Tourism Cartoon Competition, TURKEY

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Василий Александров
Theme of adult category (2022): “Women in the tourism industry”
(The theme “Women in tourism industry” should cover the following topics. Works that are not related to the theme will not be evaluated.

1. The women as a tourist.
2. Women employees in tourism industry:

Women as a hotel employees (Hotel manager, receptionist, housekeeper, waiter, barmaid, animator etc.),
Women as tourist guides,
Women as civil aviation employees (captain, flight attendant, ticket salesperson, etc.),
Women in tourism as local people,
Women workers in travel agencies and cruise ships,
And, women in other areas of the tourism industry.

3. Women travelers.
Information on the subject can be obtained from the following website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_f ... _travelers

Theme of youth category (2022): “Space tourism”
(The theme of the Youth category is “Space tourism”. Works that are not related to the theme will not be evaluated.)

http://www.tourismcartoon.org/en/simdik ... in-temasi/


a) The competition is organized by Anatolia Tourism Academy.


a) Unless any pre-announced change is made, the deadline to submit the works is 31 December of each single year. Any work received later is not considered for the competition.


a) The competition is organized every single year by setting a theme related to any aspects of tourism.


a) Competition is open to all cartoonists from all over the world, both amateur and Professional.

b) Each cartoonist may submit maximum three works.

c) Works to be submitted may be original drawings, digital printings or computer printouts.

d) The drawing technique is freeform.

e) Works may be in any color or black and white. Artists’ signature must take place on works to be sent in a paper form.

f) Participants should write their names, surnames and full postal and email address. If website submission would be desired, full postal address, e-mail and phone number should be inserted where possible.

g) Works may have been published elsewhere, but not awarded in a competition at all.

h) Works may be considered for publishing in Anatolia Tourism Academy, and books, catalogs, brochures, postcards, websites and posters about this organization. All of the remaining broadcast rights belong to the author.

i) No work is returned to the artists, regardless of obtaining any award or not.

j) Cartoonists who participate in this competition are deemed to have accepted all the conditions described in this instruction.


a) The competition comprises of two categories.

b) “Category of Adult Cartoonists” is open for the participations of cartoonists who are 17 and older.

c) “Category of Young Cartoonists” is open for the participations of cartoonists who are 16 and younger.


a) Announcement of the Competition is performed three times in virtual environments: The first announcement is performed in the first week of July. The second announcement is performed in the first week of October. The last announcement is performed in the first week of December of each year.


a) All works submitted to the competition are announced as a table format containing the cartoonist’s “name and surname”, “country” and “number of works submitted” on the competition’s official webpage in the first week of January.


a) Members of the selection committee consist of two groups as “Pre-selection Committee Members” and “Final Selection Committee Members”.

b) Members of the selection committee are replaced every three years except two representatives determined by the Organization Committee.

c) Every year, two cartoonists to be selected out of seven winner cartoonists of “Category of Adult Cartoonists” are invited to serve as a member of the Final Selection Committee in the following year’s competition.


a) The submitted Works are evaluated in three stages. In the first stage, Pre-selection Committee Members come together in İstanbul and they select approximately 1/5 of the submitted works for being evaluated as the finalist.

b) Finalist works are suspended for a pre-announced period with no less than 10 days and copies and duplications are tried to be eliminated among them.

c) Objections are accepted between the announced dates. Objections are presented to Pre-Selection Committee. Works which are subject to the objections justified by the committee are not accepted for the final evaluation.

d) In the second stage, Members of the Final Selection Committee select approximately 1/3 of the finalist works for being evaluated in the final evaluation.

e) In the last stage, Members of the Final Selection Committee determine the winning works.

f) Objections to the finalist or winning works are examined by the members of the pre-evaluation board. Regardless of whether it is before or after the announcement of the awards, if any participant/s copying the work of another person or showing a part of the work of another person, their work will be definitely excluded from the evaluation. Even the work has been given the prize, it will be withdrawn. The participant/s loses their rights to participate with their works in the future series of the International Tourism Cartoon Competition.


a) In the Category of Adult Cartoonists, “The Grand Award”, “The Second Award”, “The Third Award” and “Professor Atila Özer Recognition Award” are presented.

b) In the Category of Young Cartoonists “The Grand Award” and “two Mansions” are presented.

c) Only award winners are provided a five-day free all-inclusive holiday in a five star hotel operating in Turkey.

d) Plaques and award documents are presented to the Award winners.

e) Award ceremony is organized anywhere in Turkey every April.


a) All the Award winner and finalist works are published in a colored Competition Book.

b) Award winner cartoons of the previous years are also given place in the Competition Book.

c) Information about members of the selection committee takes place in the Competition Book.

d) A copy of the Competition Book is sent to all cartoonists whose works are considered in the book.

e) The Competition Book is also open online on competition’s official webpage.

http://www.tourismcartoon.org/en/simdik ... a/yonerge/

Postal address:
P.O. Box 109, 06444
Yenisehir, Ankara / Türkiye


E-mail: tourismcartoon@gmail.com

Please fill in and submit the required information on the application form.
The works of those who do not complete the participation form will not be evaluated.

Click here for the Application-Form http://www.tourismcartoon.org/wp-conten ... -Form.docx

http://www.tourismcartoon.org/en/simdik ... -gonderme/