DIGNITY Internacional Cartoon exhibition - Invitation

Объявления о конкурсах карикатуры.

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DIGNITY Internacional Cartoon exhibition - Invitation

Сообщение ARSEN » Чт сен 09, 2010 7:53 am

"DIGNITY" Internacional Cartoon exhibition

FECO PORTUGAL (Cartoonist association) and Amnesty International - (Portugal), are co-organizers, of a cartoon international exhibition, whose topic and title is : "Dignity".

It is the intention of this initiative to call the attention of society for a crises in values which we have been witnessing, where ?HAVING? is being overestimated as up against the undermining of "BEING".

For more information about the theme, see Demand Dignity Campaign in

This event is not a contest; consequently there will not be any prizes or classifications.


1- Theme: "Dignity". Each artist is free to approach the concept of Dignity (or the lack of it?.), having in mind the positive side of such a concept.

2- The exhibition is opened to all nationalities, professionals or amateurs.

3- All the proposed drawings must be original creation of each authour, irrelevant of the fact that they might have already been (or not) published or exhibited in any way.

4- Only one work is allowed per artist in one of the following: cartoon, caricatures and graphic story (the last one, not exceeding one page). Any technique is allowed, including the usage of a computer, in black and white or in color.

5- If a drawing has text, this text must be written in Portuguese.

6 - Drawing size permitted is A4 (21 x 29,7 cm). Drawings must be sent by e-mail using JPEG file at 300 dpi to:

7 - Each work must be accompanied by a file containing: the title of the work, the author?s name, telephone number, e-mail address, (not forgetting to mention the country).

8 - Short curriculum must be included in another computer file.

9 - Entry dead line is September 30 - 2010.

10 - Drawings will be selected by a Jury composed by 5 elements, after which the works will be framed, exhibited and reproduced in a catalogue. The jury is entitled to the right to select a number of works extra-catalogue, which will also be exhibited and their authors will be also mentioned in the catalogue. The jury is composed by a representative of FECOPORTUGAL, one representative of Amnesty International, one guest-cartoonist, one cartoonist-researcher and one text expert.

11- Every artist who has been selected will be given a copy of the catalogue

12 - The exhibition will be inaugurated at the ?Sociedade ArtМstica Guilherme Cossoul, Rua Prof. Sousa CБmara, n.?156? (Lisbon - Portugal) October 21st -2010. The exhibition will stay on place for about two weeks after which it will go on an itinerancy through Portugal and other countries

13 - The artist?s participation implies accepting the rules above and the submission of respective author?s rights, only to be used to promote and inform about the event as well as the edition of the catalogue and the itinerary exhibition. As there is no profit involved in these procedures, no payment will be made to any of the participants.

14 - No media or other entity will be authorized to use for publication or any other use, any of the works submitted to this event, with the exception of rule 13.
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Re: DIGNITY Internacional Cartoon exhibition - Invitation

Сообщение Василий Александров » Чт сен 09, 2010 4:39 pm

Я и раньше замечал, что некоторая наша информация о конкурсах потом перепечатывается на других новостных сайтах. Это нормально, мы же тоже часто прямо ссылаемся на них.
Сегодняшний пример очень любопытный.
Арсен поставил вышестоящее сообщение, получив его, как и я, в почтовой рассылке.
Я заметил некоторую нечёткость при механическом копировании (вместо кавычек отображались знаки вопроса), сайт в письме имел верную гиперссылку, а написание было неверным.
Я исправил это, ещё выделил три места жирным шрифтом и поместил активные ссылки на отдельных строках.
Но, как сейчас вижу, забыл исправить ?HAVING? 8)
И вот всё это наше с Арсеном объявление без изменений появляется на Тебризкартуне :D

То есть теперь у меня есть твёрдая уверенность. Кроме того, похоже, верно и моё давнее предположение, что их администратор понимает русский. Иначе откуда у него такая информация
http://www.tabrizcartoons.com/en/detail.asp?ID=1706 8)

Другое дело, что ссылок на нас они, конечно, не дают.
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Re: DIGNITY Internacional Cartoon exhibition - Invitation

Сообщение Василий Александров » Чт сен 09, 2010 5:34 pm

Нет, с "Коррупцией" я погорячился. Это они, скорее всего, в блоге Ильи взяли
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