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8 October 2011 - Competition for Children and Youth - Praha

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Andrey Feldshteyn

6th International Competition in Cartoon Humour for Children and Youth

Rules of contest:
Theme: Every man is the architect of his own health
Jokes focused on healthy life style and on illness prevention (Sport, healthy food, toughening up…)

Age divisions:
A 6 - 11 years
B 12 - 17 years
Each participant could send maximum 3 cartoons either in black and white or in colour, with or without text. The size of the cartoon should not exceed A4.

Deadline: 8th October 2011

Participants are requested to envelop information about the author or parents (name, surname, age, address, postcode and phone or email) and send cartoons

a) by post on the address: DDM hl. m. Prahy, Karlínské nám. 7, 186 00 Praha 8 (with information on the reverse side)
b) by e-mail on the address: netvarte@ddmpraha.cz (each max. size 150 kB, jpeg)

Cartoons without this information will not be accepted as well as works which are not original, made by children and youth or which are copied from another cartoonist.
Participants do not get their works back.

Results and Prizes:
The jury is consisted of representatives of organisers and partners. It will evaluate all sent cartoons and pronounce one winner in each age division.
Results will be announced in the transmission of the DDM hl. m. Prahy, Karlínské Spektrum (www.ddmpraha.cz), on websites of the DTA (www.radiodomino.cz), the ČUK (http://www.ceska-karikatura.cz). Winners will be informed by post, phone or e-mail.
Prizes will be awarded on 22nd October 2011 at 2 pm on the occasion of opening the exhibition of the best works in the Karlínské Spektrum DDM hl. m. Prahy, Karlínské náměstí 7, Praha 8 - Karlín.
Prizes cannot be sent by post.

Organisers of the competition:
Karlínské Spektrum - Dům dětí a mládeže hl.m.Prahy, www.ddmpraha.cz
(The House of Children and Youth of the capital Prague)
Mgr. Kateřina Klímková, tel. 222 333 835, mail: klimkova@ddmpraha.cz
Česká unie karikaturistů, http://www.ceska-karikatura.cz
(The Czech Cartoonists' Union – CUK)
Mr. Jaroslav Dostál, tel. 606 241 826, mail: dostalj2@tiscali.cz