30 August 2011 -7th Int. Cartoon Festival “ VALLE DE ABURRÁ”

Объявления о конкурсах карикатуры.

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30 August 2011 -7th Int. Cartoon Festival “ VALLE DE ABURRÁ”

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The conditions:
1) The contest is open to all the graphical caricaturists and humorists of the world.
2) The dead line for entries is august 30, 2011.
3) The themes of the competition are: a). The end of the world b). Free theme.
4) Each participant presents a maximum of three cartoons for theme.
5) The cartoons presented must be originals. All digital images signed by the artist. The printed images sent by regular mail do not exceeded up to 210x280 milimeters. The digital images must have higth cuality for a good impresion. Copies and photographics are not acepted. The digital images will be send to the next emails adresses: humor.arte@yahoo.com and artista1921987@yahoo.es and the printed ones to the next adress: 7ª Muestra Mundial de Caricatura “ Valle de Aburra”-Colombia. Carrera 55 # 49-51Universidad Autonoma Latinoamericana-Departamento de Bienestar Universitario-Telephone 270 77 24 – 5112199, ext. 134 . Medellín – Antioquia – Colombia

6) You can participate with cartoons in white or black or in color.
6) The size of cartoons will not exceed 300 X 400 milimeters. Maximum.
7) You can also participate with cartoons that have be published or rewarded previously.
8 ) Each participant will pay to send the cartoon.
9) Each cartoons will have in the back the name, last name, address and e-mail of the participant.
10) Participants are requested to send, together with their cartoons, a short “curriculum vitae” and photography.
11) There will be selected by judges.
12) The send cartoons won’t be returned (except the ones received as borrowed), and they will take part in the cartoons and comic Colombian museum. Each cartoon and the author will have a carpet and a place in this collection.
13) The organization has all rights reserved to exhibit the cartoons that attempt to individual or collective rights.
14) The cartoons selected will be published in a catalogue.
15) The selected works will publish in our web site and a book.

The Prizes
1° Grand Prix: US$ 1.000 aported by Universidad Autonoma Latinoamericana (Medellin)
2° Special prizes offered by various institutions
3° Special mentions

The works should be sent to:
5ª Muestra Mundial de Caricatura “ Valle de Aburra”-Colombia
Carrera 55 # 49-51
Universidad Autonomy Latinoamericana-Departamento de Bienestar Universitario-
Telephone 270 77 24 – 5112199, ext. 134 . Medellín – Antioquia – Colombia

Winning version 2005: YUIRY KOSOBUKIN – Ukraine
Winning version 2006: CRISTÓBAL REYNOSO “CRIST” – Argentina
Winning version 2007: ARISTIDES HERNANDEZ “ARES” – Cuba
Winning version 2008: RAMIRO ZAPATA – Colombia
Winning version 2009: ANGEL BOLIGAN-México-Cuba
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