10 April 2012 - "Can you believe it?!". Aachen, Germany

Объявления о конкурсах карикатуры.

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10 April 2012 - "Can you believe it?!". Aachen, Germany

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International Cartoon Competition presented by the Arts and Cultural Center KuK e.V. in cooperation with the Aachen
Newspaper Publishing Company and the Städteregion Aachen. Aachen

Call for Submissions

Can you believe it?!

They say Mr zu G. actually wrote a part of his dissertation himself! Mr Ch. W. himself paid for and planted a rose bush in his
garden. Or maybe not? The Felix Krulls, Münchhausens and two-faced hypocrites populate the parliaments of this world – and
this is no new phenomenon.

The list of politician lies seems long. Didn't George W. Bush say: "Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction"? Who
believed Walter Ulbricht when he said "No one intends to erect a wall"? Did anyone believe Bill Clinton's statement: "I did not
have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinski"? Didn't the Hungarian Prime Minister admit that he lied to the people
morning, noon and night during the election campaign? Shouldn't Putin's and Berlusconi's noses be infinitely long?

Does what was promised before the election still hold afterwards? Why should it? Is Truth a rare good in politics? Or is the lie
in itself taken for granted in politics? And if not, then why not?

Telling lies in politics is a broad field – but it is also a humorous field, which is why we have chosen it to be the theme of our
6th International Cartoon Competition.

How can light be brought into the darkness of the politician's lie? Who can uncover, debunk, explain? Isn't it all laughable?

The cartoonists and caricaturists of the world are called up to do "enlightenment work". Wanted are the funniest cartoons, the
sharpest caricatures and gladly also those critical drawings of and about lying politicians and about Truth in politics.


All professional and amateur cartoonists 18 and over can partipate in this international contest..


Maximum 5 cartoons
Original drawings or signed prints, no copies
Black-white or colour
Format: DIN A4 bis DIN A3 (unframed, no matte)
Year of composition: 2009-2012

Provide the artist's full name on the back of the drawing, including if applicable the drawer's artistic pseudonym and the title of the work.

The completed entry form, a photograph or portrait caricature (electronic submissions at least 800 pixel/800 kB, jpg format)
and a brief CV (max. 280 characters) for the catalog should be submitted with the drawings. If available, the print data of the
entries are welcome for the catalog.


The jury will make selections for the exhibition and catalog, and award the prizes from the pool of submissions. The jury
includes among others Prof. Bernd Mathieu (Editor-in-Chief of the Aachen Newspaper / Aachen News), Martin Sonntag
(Caricatura Kassell), and Nina Mika-Helfmeier (Cultural Affairs director).


This year the exhibition will take place from 5 May to 1 July 2012. The awards ceremony and the opening of the exhibition is
on 5 May 2012 at 16:00 in the Kunst and Kultur Center of the Städteregion Aachen, Austraße 9, Monschau.

In total up to 2 x 45 works plus extensions will be shown.


As in every year, the KuK e.V. will publish a catalog in collaboration with the Aachen Newspaper Publishing Company. Artists
included in the catalog will each receive one copy.


1st Place 2500.00 EUR
2nd Place 2000.00 EUR
3rd Place 1000.00 EUR
4th-6th Places 500.00 EUR each

Return policy:

All work that does not become property of the Kuk e.V. will be returned at the organisation’s expense. The returns will be
prepared and carried out with the appropriate care.

Entry forms available at:


Alle prize-winning work becomes the property of the Kuk e.V. In addition, the organisation retains the right to keep one
submission from each participant whose work is exhibited. These drawings will be auctioned at the end of the year. The
proceeds will be used to support cultural projects in schools within the county. Participants are requested to identify which of
the submitted drawings the organisation may keep.

Submission deadline:
10 April 2012

Städteregion Aachen
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Dr. Nina Mika-Helfmeier
Raum B025
Zollernstraße 10
52070 Aachen
Telefon 0241-51982664
Fax 0241-519882664

With the friendly support of:
Aachen Newspaper Publishing Company,
KuK Kunst und Kulturzentrum Aachen,
The Städteregion Aachen
Sparkasse Bank Aachen

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Karin Handrich

StädteRegion Aachen
S 16 Stabsstelle Kultur, Empirische Forschung und Gleichstellung
Raum F 403, Zollernstraße 20, 52070 Aachen
Tel.: +49(241)51982663
Fax: +49(241)519882663
Mail: Karin.Handrich@staedteregion-aachen.de
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