5th Humor and Satire, Guatemala 2017

Результаты конкурсов карикатуры

Модератор: Andrey Feldshteyn

5th Humor and Satire, Guatemala 2017

Сообщение Василий Александров » Вс окт 08, 2017 3:24 pm

ANNOUNCEMENT (please reproduce where you can)

It is hereby informed that the administration of Corporación de Noticias (newspaper Siglo 21 and Al Día) and its legal representative, Mr. Amílcar Alvarado Nisthal, failed to fulfill their commitment to carry out the competition of the MATRACA 2017 INTERNATIONAL CONCURSO. Minister of Culture for its part, doing what it does best, not even answer our request to take care of such an important cultural event, leaves us with the unfortunate news of closing the event because of irresponsibility of those involved. For my part, I, Guille, Guillermo Lorentzen Martinez who pushed all this task of receiving and answering each participant I declare outside of all responsibility for what happened. Still, if I receive my salaries and overdue benefits corresponding to more than a year and a half of work without remuneration by the aforementioned company, I would be willing to go ahead with the award using my own money. To that end, a claim was already filed against that company.

Guillermo Lorentzen
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