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2nd Galway Cartoon Festival, Ireland 2018

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Василий Александров
Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to the 2018 Galway Cartoon Festival and made our second year quite an amazing event. Please forgive the impersonal nature of this message. Hopefully there will be time to contact you all individually someday, but for now I just want to keep everyone up to date.

The second Galway Cartoon Festival went very well, we feel. We raised the profile of cartooning in Ireland and established it on the cultural calendar in Galway. Thanks to the huge variety of ideas from around the world the exhibitions had a lot of depth. They looked great too.

I include links to a copy of the brochure that you can download, and to a very good review we received in the Irish media:

https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21A ... 28&o=OneUp

https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/when ... -1.3689377

We sold 13 works at exhibition; you will have received payment by now if one of those was yours. I'm currently in the process of returning any unsold originals and signed prints to their creators. If you would like us to hold onto those works to sell for you from our website, please let us know.

We printed about 200 works that were submitted digitally, and would like to auction some of the unsold ones to raise funds for next year's festival. Please let us know if you would prefer us not to use your work in that way.

Currently we're making plans for the next festival, which should be around the middle of November. We're thinking of going with a science theme this year. I'll send you more details as they develop.

With many thanks for taking part,

Richard Chapman
Artistic Director,
Galway Cartoon Festival


Chapman was “blown away by the response from far-away places. Why do cartoonists in China or Argentina or Russia send their work to Galway? I have no idea how people in China even heard about the festival. I thought the Russian work was particularly interesting because of how anti-militaristic it was. That is not an image we get of Russia from the media – even Russian media. Even more telling was that of all the Russian drawings we received, not one was of Putin. That’s pretty chilling.”
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Re: 2nd Galway Cartoon Festival, Ireland 2018

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Re: 2nd Galway Cartoon Festival, Ireland 2018

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