Результаты "Contest on Africa"

Результаты конкурсов карикатуры

Модератор: Andrey Feldshteyn

Результаты "Contest on Africa"

Сообщение Борис Эренбург » Пн дек 03, 2007 12:30 am

D e a r c a r t o o n i s t s a l l o v e r t h e w o r l d

After long e-mail absence we like to inform you, that the global contest expert jury had decided to award three cartoonist to win the prizes of the contest on: Africa: No Opportunities, Continent of Crises or Renaissance

The winner’s are:

1. Mr. Jonathan Shapiro (Zapiro) from South Africa
2. Mr. René Bouschet from France
3. Mr. Wolfgang Ammer from Austria

Hearty congratulations to the hounoured!

Mr. Siphiwo Sobopha from South Africa is awarded with the spezial prize of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Developement and Cooperation.

The names of the prize winners will be announced at today’s press meet in Berlin. The award ceremy is planned for the evening.

We will send a little later more details about the results. Further all details will be available on our website (www.cartoon-competiton.org) soonish.

We are trying to promote your work either in our publications or through friendly Websites and Publications.

For today, we want to thank each one of you for your participation in the cartoon contest 2007. Further we want to thank you on behalf of the entire organization-team for your creative and impressing work by which this contest became a great success.

We are looking forward to our future cooperation and to your creative cartoons.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Konrad Melchers
Chefredakteur Zeitschrift “eins Entwicklungspolitik” Emil-von-Behring Strasse 3 D – 60439 Frankfurt am Main GERMANY
E-Mail: eins@entwicklungspolitik.org
Internet: www.entwicklungspolitik.org

Juergen Weber
Project Manager
c/o A. Wäldele
Bornsdorfer Str. 35
D-12053 Berlin
E-Mail: dwjn_jw@rediffmail.com
Internet: www.cartoon-competition.org
С пожеланием успехов - Борис Эренбург
Best regards - Boris Erenburg
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Сообщение Ilya » Вс дек 16, 2007 4:07 pm

1. Prize: Jonathan Shapiro (Zapiro), "Gallery"

2. Prize: René Bouschet, no title

3. Prize: Wolfgang Ammer, "Resources in Africa"

Special award: Siphiwo Sobopha, "Mama Africa"
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Сообщение Christo Komarnitski » Пн дек 17, 2007 4:35 am

Ilya писал(а):Special award: Siphiwo Sobopha, "Mama Africa"

а мне кажется конкурс был только для черно-белых рисунок...
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