Theme for 14th Tourism Cartoon Competition, TURKEY 2022

Обсуждение разнообразных вопросов, связанных с конкурсами карикатуры.

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Theme for 14th Tourism Cartoon Competition, TURKEY 2022

Сообщение Василий Александров » Вт июн 14, 2022 4:31 am

Let's Propose a "Theme" for the 14th Tourism Cartoon Competition..

The International Tourism Cartoon Competition is organized by the Anatolia Tourism Academy in Turkey since 2009. It opens a call under a specific theme every year.

The "theme" of its 14th edition will be determined with your valuable suggestions this year.

The competition has been organized under the following themes so far:

- "All-inclusive system",
- "Tourism and peace",
- "Future of tourism, Tourism of the future",
- "Vacations from the past to present",
- "Travel memories",
- "Airport",
- "Covid'19 and Tourism" and
- "Workers in the tourism industry".

The person whose theme accepted will join us as one of the selection committee members for the competition.

Themes to be proposed will be evaluated by the selection committee. The main evaluation criterion is subject to the universal message to be delivered through the cartoons submitted to the competition.

Deadline for a proposal: June, 30 2022. ... .html#more
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