Austrian Cartoon Award обидели бразильца!

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Austrian Cartoon Award обидели бразильца!

Сообщение Юрий Манаев » Пт окт 10, 2008 4:34 pm

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"Brazilian Cartoonist didn’t receive the money prize
According to the cartoonist Clayton Rabelo, first place on the category “Public Award” from the Austrian Cartoon Award, the artist received the catalog and the certificate, but until now the prize was not delivered.

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Hello folks from BrazilCartoon, i would like that this e-mail would be read not only by the site’s staff, but mainly by the great and very experient advertiser, journalist and cartoonist that is Márcio Leite, because Leite is an award winner in the whole world, and he knows as no one else how the award (money) receiving procedures works.

Well, let’s go to what really matters!

Well, in theory i have a 1500 euros prize to receive from the Austrian Cartoon Award for the 1st place in the category public award, everything is doccumented on their website, and in all regulations that you may find on several Internet sources, well... the reason for my concern is this, i have already received the catalog, a beutiful 1st place certificate, but nothing was said about the money, and much lesser, they didn’t give me a word answering my e-mail, look at my side, i don’t want to acuse this event of this or that, i am taking care to not be unfair, because i don’t know how a international prize payment works, i don’t know the beurocracy of it, but in the other hand, i was ignored when i simply asked about it, making me think that they did not pay this prize, so as a member of this site and brazilian artist, i decided to ask you guys for some assistency so you can help me, and let this situation as clear as possible.

Best regards,
Clayton Rabelo"
Юрий Манаев
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