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Сообщение ARSEN » Ср ноя 24, 2010 11:42 am

Dearcolleague cartoonist:


This is very important to avoid being scammed or wasting time and work by participating in not serious cartoon contests.

I saw in Caricaturque a critique for the colleague Cafareli for to advertise on his website a call for an not serious humour contest . The colleague Boligan also reports a scammer competition and revealed how the organizers use the name of some colleagues by putting as jurors to appear serious.
About the first case I think that Mr Cafareli it's not his fault, but in the future sites of humor should find out first data as the name of the organizing institution, post address, etc., before publishing the information. And the cartoonists can find out before on the Internet.

But is unusual and accomplice that humour sites, knowing that some competitions defraud winners, publish and keep advertising these bad events. And worse still, never publish the report of the cartoonist who claim his prize.
This is the case with sites like Brazilcartoons, Irancartoon, FECO Europe, etc. I sent my report about WORLD PRESS CARTOON, Sintra, Portugal, (that do? not pay me the prize I won in 2007) to managers of these sites. They never answered my messages or published my complaint.

But they are inviting to participate in World Press Cartoon. (And these gentlemens are also cartoonists!!!).

The case of FECO Europe is pathetic because this organization is supposed defending the interests of the cartoonists. But Mrs. Marlene Phole (from FECO) is a personal friend of the director of World Press Cartoon and therefore he has his supports? (of course, she has been invited to Portugal as a juror in WPC). Mr. Bernard Bouton, a manager of FECO Europe, initially became interested in my case, asked for more information ... and never answered again. This is the bureaucracy of the cartoon. (The only one that do a good work by FECO is Ana Von Rebeur......from FECO Argentina).

All these union leaders and site managers prefer to silence my demand and support to the organizers of the competition that does not pay the promised prize. I guess they do with the hope of being rewardeds with a trip to Portugal, invited as jurors of the scamed contest.

Is this ethical? I doubt. Is this serious?. Much less.

But I must also congratulate the directors of humor sites that have the courage to publish my complaint. I will continue to denounce every year until wpc pay me.(No matter that Mr. antunez threaten me again with his lawyers).

And I recognize and I am grateful with the messages of solidarity sent me many colleagues (some did not sent more artworks to world press cartoon,in solidarity.) To all my gratitude, and wish them success in their work and in life.

Colleagues, I propose you to make a
Here are some that have won instead:

ETHIOPIACARTOON, of Ethiopia, do not pay the prize won by Ares.

WORLD PRESS CARTOON, Sintra, Portugal, does not pay the award to Nacaro from 2007. Do not sent the catalog. They do not return the originals to the participants, as promised in their rules.
PRODUCTOON, Productivity cartoon festival, organized by the humour site Irancartoon.com and Humour House, from Iran. In its rules they promise to send the catalog to the selected cartoonists, but never send it.
BLUE SKY Cartoon Contest, supposedly from Spain, they do not inform the address or name of the organizers. Do not pay prizes.

With best regards,
Freddy Pibaque (Nacaro).
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