30 May 2020- UYACC "Anti-Coronavirus" Competition, China

Объявления о конкурсах карикатуры.

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30 May 2020- UYACC "Anti-Coronavirus" Competition, China

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The I U I Youth Cup “Longing for Spring” Anti-Coronavirus International Cartoon Competition (UYACC) is an open online competition.

1. Anti-Coronavirus
2. Expressing positive attitudes such as hope, warmth, bravery, environmental protection, joint efforts for a better Earth, etc.
*Both themes are required to be expressed in the artworks.

1. The objects of the competition are cartoons, drawings, graphics or other works of art created by artists.
2. The minimum resolution of electronic editions or scanning copies should be 300dpi in the form of TIFF or JPG.
3. The minimum size of paper works should be A4(210mm×297mm) and the maximum size is A3 (297 x 420 mm) to make sure that the scanned original is clear, undistorted and complete. Original works are also welcome You can find the address in Contact Information.
4. Only submission by email is valid and should be sent to cmiassn@vip.163.com by May 30, 2020. All the submissions should include the entry form, the work and a brief introduction to the work. (No word limitation).

*Photos and Videos are welcome to express support for this global fight against the coronavirus.

*Based on your works, a letter to those who are still struggling against the epidemic, poetry, songs or any other forms showing your feelings are also welcome. Your words may be selected and published in the e-book of selected works of this competition.

All above-mentioned works can be sent along with your entry to the designated email. Let’s contribute our strength to the global fight and hope for the best!


1. The contest will be divided into 2 Groups:
• Adult Group - 18 and above
• Youth Group - ages under 18
2. Timetable
• Submission deadline: Beijing Time 24:00 on May 30, 2020
• Jury Meeting: June 2020
• Contest Result will be published on the website http://www.cmiassn.org in June 2020
3. The Jury has the final right of the ranking of the works, as well as distribution of the statutory prizes. The Jury’s decisions are final.

The Organizers will award the following prizes and diplomas for each winner. AWARDS ARE SUBJECT TO TAXATION ACCORDING TO CHINESE TAX REGULATIONS.


Adult Group: (Ages above 18)
• Grand Prix (1) 1000 USD
• Gold Medal (2) 800 USD
• Silver Medal (3) 500 USD
• Bronze Medal (4) 300 USD
• Outstanding Nominated Awards (40) 200 USD
Youth Group: (Ages under 18)
• Creative Star (1)
• Gold Medal (2)
• Silver Medal (3)
• Bronze Medal (4)
• Outstanding Nominated Awards (40)
• Presents and certificates will be provided by Qingjin Tec.
*All the participants will receive an e-book of the selected works in this competition.

Final Provisions:
1. The Organizers reserve the right:
• To use the submitted works for advertising purposes such as news reports, media broadcasts, as well as circulation on the internet and social media without any special fees paid to the authors.
• To use the submitted works for the post-contest art-related activities such as: to be published materials, printed materials, circulated on phones, the internet, in publications, video materials, etc.
2. Organizers are the arbiters of the rules and regulations.
3. By sending her/his work the artist agrees to the mentioned above rules and regulations.

Contact Information:
Email Address: cmiassn@vip.163.com
Mailing Address: Organizing Committee of UYACC, 2801 Suite, No.7 Building, Tianchang Yuan Media Village, Beiyuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100107
Tel: 0086-10-84827182


EF http://en.cmiassn.org/filedownload/197369
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Re: 30 May 2020- UYACC "Anti-Coronavirus" Competition, China

Сообщение Василий Александров » Чт май 14, 2020 8:36 am

Dear Friends:

The UYACC "I U I Youth"Anti-Coronavirus International Cartoon Competition Calls for submission since the 13th of April, so far we have already received more than 3000 pieces of work from 61 countries, we are touched by every one of you to give us solid support and assistance. Our online event aims at calling for love, care, and hope by the art. We will make an-ebook to reach you later after the competition.

Since we want to call for the union of the whole world by this event, that would be great if you could send me a short video saying" I am longing for spring" in your own language which means although we speak different languages, we would love to unite together whatever we meet and wish that we could defeat the COVID-19 soon.

Our team will appreciate it a lot if you could send the video back before the 20th of May 2020, with a limited 1080PX resolution.

Best Regards,
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