21 August 2024- 6th Biennial Book Cartoon Contest, Iran

Объявления о конкурсах карикатуры.

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21 August 2024- 6th Biennial Book Cartoon Contest, Iran

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The 6th International Biennial »Book Cartoon« Festival ) I.R.Iran 2024(
Call for Participation
The Areas of Interest
• Books, Libraries, Small Businesses
• Books, Libraries, Significant Social Events
• Books, Children & Families
• Books, Leisure, Vitality & Peace
• Books, Digital Era & Artificial Intelligence
• Books, Palestine and Gaza(Featured topics)

o Note 1: The main section of the festival is dedicated to professionals’ participation, and the subsection will include competitions between beginners.
• Letter of Commendation, Biennial Statue and the Cash Prizes of 1000€, 700€ & 500€ respectively for the 1st to the 3rd winners.
• Letter of Commendation, Biennial Statue and the Cash Prize of 80 Million Rials for the 4th to the 6th winners.

Terms & Conditions
• Each participant can submit maximum five of their artworks in above mentioned areas of interest.
• The festival is open to all to join.
• The festival only accepts digital submissions, so the artworks must be scanned and submitted to the festival’s website.
• Any use of artificial intelligence to create works of art will result in removal from the competition.
• The artworks submitted must be original and not have been awarded in any other competitions or festivals.
• All the participants whose artworks meet the minimum features of being accepted by the jury on the first step, will receive the electronic certificate of participation in the festival, and the winners will also receive a copy of printed book.
• All the copyrights and intellectual rights of the submitted works are reserved for the institution of public libraries of Iran.
How to Apply
• In order to apply for the competition, participants can send their artworks via email booktooniran@gmail.com
• Works must be sent electronically, in JPG format and 300 dpi quality.
• The size of the small side of the work should not be smaller than 2000 pixels.
• Works can be black and white or colored.
• The technique and method of presentation of the works is free.
• August 21,2024
Contact us
• Address: No. 1, Post Alley, Imam Khomeini St, Imam Khomeini Square, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran Public Libraries Foundation
• Postal Code: 1136930001
• Phone: (+9821) 66735792 extension 2161 mobile: (+98) 9105039320
• Fax: (+9821) 66720314
• Email Address: booktooniran@gmail.com
• Website: www.booktoon.ir

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